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RED LEMON LANDSCAPE DESIGN IS CURRENTLY ON HIATUS. I won't be taking any new clients until spring 2016. I do want to thank all the people I met and worked with through this website. It's been an absolute pleasure.

Red Lemon Landscape Design creates and installs residential projects that are personalized to reflect the unique style and needs of our clients. We will help you completely plan, furnish and light your outdoor living spaces with an emphasis on using climate appropriate plants, low-flow irrigation, and permeable hardscapes. We want to keep the water in the soil, not running down drains to the ocean. Whenever possible, we like to re-purpose existing landscape materials, such as concrete, and relocate plants that are in the wrong spot.

The design of your landscape starts with questions. How would you like to spend your time outdoors? When you walk up your front path, do you want to leave the outside world behind? Would you like to do that with the sound of water or the rich fragrance of native sage? Do you need to mask the sound of a noisy street? Improve the view from your front window? Have a place to barbecue? To entertain? Have a cozy spot by a fire pit? Maybe you have kids and want to create a secret garden or a play area with nooks and crannies they can call their own.

These questions and your answers help me imagine and plan your dream landscape. And my attention to detail during the installation and construction ensures that everything that we talked about is beautifully realized.

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