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“I tried for years to design, plant and manage my own garden until finally I surrendered. Word of mouth led me to Pam Bottaro who evaluated, designed and planted my year round paradise. If your environment is precious to your well being, do not hesitate for another moment to contact Pam. She will save you money, she will bring you up-to-date on the latest in gardening techniques all of which leads to easy maintenance and many a compliment from your neighbors.”Ann Hastings

"First we hired Pam; then our friends hired Pam; then our friends' friends hired Pam; then multiple neighbors hired Pam. Speaks volumes to Pam's great sense of design and creativity for any sized project. The added bonus is the sheer joy of working with her!"Lisa Barnet

"When we transformed our garage into a studio and re-worked our entire backyard, Red Lemon Landscape Design was responsible for both the hardscape and the landscape. We could not be happier with the result. Pam's knowledge of plants is exceeded only by her eye for design and color. She does not force her vision on you but is able to hear what you want and work with you to realize that vision. We always dreamt of having a Tuscan garden. Pam helped us realized that dream on time and on budget."Nancy & Scott Weintraub

"Pam Bottaro is a wizard who transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. We saw the effect of her horticultural magic first hand when my co-worker, upset, angry and confused from a situation at work, stopped by our house to vent. He stomped and stormed through the house heading out back to the garage office but stopped cold in the back yard, stunned. He looked around slowly and finally smiled and said, "Wow. This is really nice". The rage was gone. Strong stuff."James Gierman

"Pam’s ingenious design transformed our difficult, sloping front yard – not only making it beautiful but addressing longstanding drainage issues. She also fulfilled what seemed contradictory desires: for a fairytale garden to match our 1920s home and one that was water-wise. Looking at it is a daily pleasure, and we always see neighbors peering over the fence to marvel." Carol Mithers and Bill Gibson

"Pam transformed our ordinary crab grass lawn into something extraordinary: pathways dappled with stones of all shapes, a birdbath for seducing birds to play at our house, lush plants of all shapes and textures, an extended living area with a choice of places to sit and sun or read or think or entertain. We are enchanted by the serenity and beauty she added to our lives."J. and R. Rosen.

"I am very happy with the work that Pam did on my yard. From design, to planning, to execution, the whole process was easy and fast. She handled the grant application and thanks to her experience, the plan was approved the same day. She likewise managed city permits and the required inspections with professional ease."Robin Lake

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