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In 2005, I decided to turn my love of plants and concern about the environment into a new career and started Red Lemon Landscape Design. Since my emphasis is on water conservation, I have become an expert on native California plants, especially those of the coastal scrub zone, as well as plants that thrive in similar climates, like parts of Australia. Many of these plants are fairly new to California and allow a “dry” garden to display a variety of shapes, textures and colors that aren’t overly familiar. A drought-tolerant garden can be lush, colorful and fragrant or spare and dramatic. Or somewhere in between.

My goal is to get you outside. A neglected part of your back yard can be turned into a second dining room or a refuge where you can curl up and read a book and listen to the hummingbirds. Your house can feel twice as big when you add living space outside. I do not try to impose a signature “look” on your garden. My hand will be invisible as I create a landscape that is uniquely designed to suit the architecture of your home, the light in your yard, and your own personality and style.

I’m a certified Landscape Professional in the city of Santa Monica’s Sustainable Landscape Program and a member of APLD (Association of Professional Landscape Designers). I’ve secured Sustainable Landscape Grants for clients in Santa Monica and Cash for Grass Rebates for clients in L.A. Two of my SLG gardens are featured on the website of the Santa Monica Office of Sustainability and the Environment. Several of my Santa Monica gardens have been featured on local tours.

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